Another Balcony Slated for Santa Fe Plaza

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Balconies are increasingly adorning the covered sidewalks around the historic Santa Fe Plaza – and the trend appears in no danger of abating anytime soon. Santa Fe’s latest balcony won approval from the city’s Historic Districts Review Board earlier this month.

Plaza Galeria, a mini-mall on the south side of the Plaza. at 60-70 E. San Francisco, will install a balcony overlooking the adjacent city park.

No starting or completion date for the balcony project has been released by Greer Enterprises, owner of the mini-mall.

Renovations to the architecturally-significant building, built in Spanish-Pueblo Revival style as a J.C. Penney’s store in 1955, include replacing four windows on the north side of the second floor with doors to allow roof access to the balcony. A second-floor addition will allow an elevator, restroom and stairs and the roof, on and existing portal added in 1967, will house a restaurant.

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Grocery Store Job Searching

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If you are looking for a job that is able to provide you with continuous work and money coming into your bank account on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis, then you might want to consider looking for a grocery store job in New Mexico. Here, you are going to find different kinds of jobs, depending on what you want to do or what kind of work you think is best. You generally don’t need any sort of experience, so if you just need some money coming in, you can check out the jobs available with a Kroger job application or a Safeway job application.

At these different grocery stores, there are all sorts of different job titles and tasks for you to complete, so you can enjoy your time while earning a bit of money. If you like working outside, there are cart collector positions. With this job, you get to spend most of your time outside, collecting shopping carts. This isn’t a bad position for someone who likes working outside and being in the sun. Or, if you like lifting and working with your hands, there are shipment receivers and stockers. These jobs allow you to unload shipping trucks, sort the material and place the goods in the store. These grocery store jobs are great when you like to feel your muscles working and just want a decent workout throughout the entire day, without having to stand around. Some individuals just can’t stand around in one spat throughout the day, which is why you need to consider these kinds of jobs when you fill out your Kroger application or Safeway application.

For other people though, it might be better to stay in one location and worth with customers. If you are such a person, one possible job is to work as a cashier. This position allows you to communicate with a large number of individuals throughout the day as you help them through the checkout process. If you just love human interactions, this is one of the best jobs for you anywhere. It also gives you exceptional people skills and is good experience for moving up, as you need to have people skills in other jobs inside of the grocery store.

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New Mexico’s Oil and Gas Association is a vibrant organization that supports over 30,000 high paying jobs and brings in over six million dollars in taxes and royalties to the state of New Mexico.

One of the largest oil and gas regions in New Mexico is the Permian Basin. Oiling operations began back in the 1920′s to moderate success. New technology used by the New Mexico Oil and Gas association have made it easier to find sources of oil, and pump it more efficiently using techniques like hydraulic fragmentation.

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Overcoming Job Hunting Hardships

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Everyone knows that unemployment is a major issue in today’s times. The other day I saw an endless long interview line of people who submitted a Footlocker application. I have been in that same line before and was shocked how many people where telling the interviewer that they had a four year degree.

With today’s internet, most companies hiring processes are set via the internet. This makes contacting companies over the phone very difficult and if you do contact them, they usually are quick to tell you to either apply or wait for a phone call from us. The days of calling a company are coming to an end. What happened to being able to come in every week and show your determination, I think that show’s more of what you’re made of than an online personality questionnaire.

On a plus side to online applications, you save your diminishing dollars by not purchasing gas every time you see a job add and that’s a big plus! Because of this plus side, patience is important to successfully job hunt and to really enjoy it. Make sure you take productive breaks and by saying productive I mean exercise; work on other things with your hands like clean the house etc. All these productive breaks will take your mind off of job hunting and also make your daily life less stressful.

If you have the time and can afford it, education is the most effective and positive move you can make to help you succeed in finding a good paying job. You can’t go wrong with having some education. Even at a fast food establishment or a shoe store position you have the opportunity to land a job as a manager just based on you being able to provide a degree.

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This ten minute presentation highlights the points of view and opinions of young parents and early childhood educators living in New Mexico with the common goal of keeping the well-being of children a priority when making legislative decisions. Narrator, Diana Montoya, of the University of New Mexico Family Development Program, poses questions such as, “What will life be like ten years from now for the babies born in 2010?”, and “What commitment will we make to them over the next ten years?”

With focus at the local level, facilitators and participants of the Albuquerque,NM based Decade of the Child movement and Strong Starts for Children initiative discuss how crucial it is to have conversations and establish relationships with other members in their community in order to raise awareness and follow up with action. The overall intention is for global change and the ultimate goal being that all children are given equal opportunities to be become healthy teenagers and adults productive to their society. The video is sponsored by Everyday Democracy.

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Department Store Jobs in New Mexico

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There are plenty of department store jobs out there, especially if you regularly check job boards for company openings. The department chains all require a constant supply of talent for their sales operations in particular. Here is a sample of the current job openings at department store chains such as Target, Walmart, JCPenny and Bealls.

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Dollar Store Careers in New Mexico

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Anyone who is seeking an exciting and fruitful job in the New Mexico area may consider completing a Dollar General application. Dollar General is a company that offers some of the most affordable products to consumers who need them. The mission of this company is to cater to the consumer in such a way that he or she saves time and money. Dollar General has almost 11,000 stores throughout the United States, and the company continues to expand so that more United States residents can enjoy the experience. With the company building new stores every day, an unemployed individual could easily find a job. Those who are looking for a second job or a career improvement may also complete an application at this firm.

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New Mexico International Balloon Festival

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During the month of October, the New Mexico landscape is dotted with color. Not only the landscape is brilliant with leaves and hues of pink and purple on the mountainside, but also the skies.

October is the annual hot air balloon festival in New Mexico, and if ever you want to spend some time in the state, September will be the appropriate month to do so. The hot air balloon festival is held outside of Albuquerque and began with just a few balloons taking off to drift across the skies in a wash of color. It has grown into an annual event where literally thousands of balloons take off and land in other areas.

Balloon chasers who follow specific balloons to destinations that are as far away as North Dakota are also part of the fun.

Beginning in 1972, the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival is well known as an attraction in the area and the first week of October sees the entire landscape dotted with the balloons.

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One of the most interesting and unique things that you’ll find to do in New Mexico lies close to Albuquerque, New Mexico, a real treasure trove of unique sights and sounds.. There, the longesttramway tramway in the world is waiting for you to take a ride to the top of the Sandia mountains and spend a fun filled morning checking out the history, as well as some quite amazing cuisine.

The ride takes just a few moments to accomplish, but along the way, you’ll receive all of the thrills of a ride to the top of a nearly 8000 foot peak. You’ll see Albuquerque and the surrounding areas, as well as for miles in every direction. At one point, just when it appears that you’re not going to pass the side of a cliff wall, the tram lifts you smoothly to the next level, giving even the most hardy a slight thrill.

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Old Towne Albuquerque-Something for Everyone

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In the center of Albuquerque lies a unique chance to step back into time and enjoy a glimpse of what the place used to look like. Visitors to Albuquerque, New Mexico should not miss Old Towne, a veritable Mecca for those who are interested in the history of New Mexico, as well as shopping and other sightseeing opportunities.

Old Towne Albuquerque brings you some of the best of all worlds. Step back into history and view things as they were back then. Bread and snacks, baked in an adobe oven are waiting for you on the street corners. Authentic Mexican foods such as you might have found at the turn of the last century. Albuerque comes alive each morning, as the street vendors come in, and the shops that line the perfect old streets offer you so much more than you might imagine.

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